Invited Speakers


International Speakers 

Dr Fernanda Amary (UK)

Associate Professor Christopher J. Hernandez (USA)

Dr Bernd Grimm (The Netherlands)

National Speakers 

Karen Reynolds (Adelaide)

Mark Rickman (Adelaide)

Natalie Sims (Melbourne) 

Dominic Thewlis (Adelaide)

Andre Trampuz (Germany/Brisbane)

Kate Vandyke (Adelaide)

Nicole Williams (Adelaide)

Minghao Zheng (Perth)

David Ackland (Melbourne)

Paul Anderson (Adelaide)

Gerald Atkins (Adelaide)

Alice Burke (Adelaide)

David Campbell (Adelaide)

Peter Croucher (Sydney)

Josh Davis (Newcastle)

Ian Harris (Sydney)

Jakub Jagiello (Adelaide)

Meeting Themes

This year there are four Meeting Themes:

  • Human movement, biomechanics and bioengineering

  • Bone Health throughout our lifetime

  • Understanding, prevention and treatment of bone infection

  • State-of-the-art understanding of bone cancer